Interested in volunteering or fulfilling observation hours?

Please read the requirements and fill out the application.  We try to meet everyone's needs, however, are limited secondary to demand. After you fill out the application you will receive an email with availability of volunteer hours.

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  1. We require minimum of two times a week for two hours over a one month time period.

  2. You will be assigned to a therapist and will report to that person with any questions during your stay. This therapist is your supervisor.

  3. All volunteers must help maintain the integrity of the gym. For example, helping to set-up and clean-up treatment areas, organizing toys, etc. There will be a list of tasks specifically for volunteers and you will be expected to perform each task to the best of your ability.

  4. You will also be given the opportunity to observe treatment sessions and may assist as needed/appropriate. This will be decided by the treating therapist.

  5. Our goal for City Kids volunteers is to provide a complete experience, where you will be able to observe AND interact with the children, parents, and therapists.

  6. All volunteers must adhere to the City Kids policies, including dress code, sick/illness protocol, arriving to work on time, and schedules.

  7. We expect all volunteers to be proactive and participatory in introducing yourself to staff and also asking if help is needed.

  8. All volunteers are expected to take the initiative in appropriately socializing with staff and children. You will also be expected to take initiative in asking where help is needed.

  9. Please be aware of the HIPAA act. This act protects each client that comes to City Kids from having their personal information (diagnosis, name, etc.) exposed to others. Please review the attached HIPAA guidelines.

  10. Lastly, please be respectful of the children, the staff and the families. Do not ask questions regarding a child’s status or therapy session unless given permission.



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