Courses for Therapists

All courses have approved CEUS from IPTA and IOTA
All courses have EI credit for IL



This course is geared towards therapists treating infants with motor impairments. Typical and atypical development will be covered and how to develop a treatment plan for each stage based on NDT handling techniques. A demo will occur each day to allow the participants to integrate the information into practice.  14 CEUs


This is a basic/intermediate level course that will cover specific assessment tools for the lower extremity, development of different types of gait problems, and treatment of the same problems.  The gait cycle and common impairments seen in children with cerebral palsy will be covered. The participant will develop a problem solving approach for assessment and treatment of equinus gait, lateral and medial rotation gait, crouched gait, and lateral flexion gait. Adjuncts to treat biomechanics and use of orthotics will be discus

Contact for Registration and information: 810-265-7488

This course is cancelled!!! Low enrollment!

Course being planned in San Antonio in 2020!


Handling Intensive Course

Geared towards Children with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

This course provides an introduction to assessment and treatment using a current NDT approach.  Assessment, task analysis, treatment planning, and treatment skills will be covered. This course is especially helpful to the therapist working with young children who have limited skills who require hands on to learn new tasks.


Five days of FUN! We will cover NDT, Assessment, Typical and Atypical, Task Analysis and Treatment planning. You will have a chance to practice handling and execute an assessment and treatment in a practicum. This is a great course for therapists new to pediatrics, coming back to pediatrics or needing a refresher!   31.5 CEUs

Watch for Dates in 2020!

City Kids Inc. Chicago

Cost : $700.00


This course is an official NDTA training course for PTAs, COTA’s and SPLAs. It is comprehensive for understanding pediatric assessment and executing treatment plans and requires one year of pediatric experience. 

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Teaching Posture for Function for Children with Sensory Motor Impairments

This is an NDT based course that addresses how to teach postural control to children. Current NDT will be reviewed and a review of postural research as it applies to clinical practice will be covered. This information will be applied to handling on the ball and bolster to reinforce abdominal strength and then transitioning into upright to teach postural control, ability to stand and walk with hands free for function!

Information will be covered through lecture, LAB and practicum or demos.

Not scheduled for 2019

NDTA Contemporary practice model certificate course

in the Treatment and Management of Individuals with Cerebral Palsy and Other Neuromuscular Disorders

This course is the NDTA official certification course. It is comprehensive for assessment and treatment and requires one year of pediatric experience. Now being offered in a FLEX SCHEDULE model.

See for registration and details


Do you have your NDT Certification? Looking for the next step? This is the course that will enhance your handling and provide the details needed to work with babies! This course will cover the specifics of development and what goes wrong when there is an impairment in the central nervous system. There will be lecture, lab and practicum. The first week will be taught by PT and ST and the second by PT and OT. This course requires NDTA certification and a year of working with pediatrics.

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What time do the courses begin?

Most courses start at 9:00 and end at 5:00. Registration is at 8:30. If the time frame changes you will be notified.

What should I wear?

Please wear layers! The air conditioning is not predictable and some people are cold and some are warm. Also, wear comfortable clothes for LAB and practicum.

What should I expect for food?

We have GOOD food for you!!! We will serve breakfast and coffee and snacks. You may bring your lunch, order delivery or go out to eat. There are many area restaurants within driving distance.

Where should I stay?

The best resource is or other discount hotel sites. The closest hotel is the Holiday Inn on Touhy in Skokie. We are close to O’Hare airport and there are many places located in the airport area.

What transportation do I need?

A car is recommended for transportation. Of course, Chicago has a very large Uber and Lyft service window and this is very convenient and fast close to City Kids. The public transportation is close-Jefferson Park station-for the train in and out of the city but you have to take a bus from the station. You can google a route via the Chicago Transit Authority website.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking around City Kids and no permit is necessary. We have a small lot we reserve for families. Feel free to park in the lot over weekend courses.

What about CEUS and EI credit?

All courses have IPTA and ILOTA CEUS and also EI credit. All NDTA sponsored courses have ASHA credit also