City Kids Inc. Financial Policy

Your co-pay/co-insurance or deductible must be paid at the time of service.  If your child attends with a sitter or a family member, please leave a credit card on file or send payment with the caretaker.  

We have observed changes in the health insurance industry that has led us to modify our financial practices.

1.  Some insurance companies are requiring pre-certification—a prior permission of sorts-- before therapy is provided.  If pre-certification is not obtained, therapy will not be covered.

  • Remember obtaining a pre-certification is no guarantee of coverage/payment.
  • Know your insurance benefits and keep us informed of any changes.
  • We will go through the process to obtain the pre-certification. 
  • You can always call your insurance company or City Kids, Inc. to keep informed.
  • You can come for therapy without a pre-certification, but we require payment at time of service and we can extend a 20% discount.
  • If insurance pays, any credit will be applied to outstanding balances.

2.  Insurance companies are asking more frequently for documentation before (and if) they pay for therapy services.

  • As soon as we are notified that insurance has not paid a claim, we will send you a statement. 
  • You may know before we do—please open/obtain your explanation of benefits (EOBs) and follow up with your insurance company about what you can do to get the claim paid.  You, as the insured, usually get better results than we do.
  • File an appeal if necessary with your insurance company.  This is your responsibility.  We can provide our documentation as needed.  Obtain supporting documentation from other physicians. Contact the Human Resource Department of your employer for any assistance.
  • We can offer the following payment options:
    • Continue with therapy--pay at time of service, receive a 20% discount. Also, pay 50% of the outstanding balance and the remainder over 2-3 months.  Make arrangements with the Front Office.
    • Suspend therapy—your outstanding balance is due in full; your appointment time cannot be held.

Please work with us.  We try very hard to assist each family with insurance issues so each child will have coverage for the services they need.  Our patient population has a huge variety of insurance issues and we try our best to give individual attention to each account.  

Thank you for your assistance in advance and thank you for all your great kids! City Kids wouldn’t exist without each and every one of them!


Kacy Hertz, PT