There are a couple of commonly used garments you'll see used at City Kids or recommended by your home therapist. The following will answer your questions about the two popular adjuncts to a therapy program.

    What is a SPIO garment and how will it help my child?

    SPIO stands for stabilizing pressure input orthosis. The SPIO is a lycra compression garment that provides deep pressure to the muscles, joints and skin, which helps to promote better body awareness and muscular stabilization. Some children find the input organizing, which may help to improve coordinated movement, attention, and ability for smoother transitions. The SPIO garments can be worn all day underneath your child’s clothes. For more information, check out

    What are Theratogs?

    Theratogs are another type of compression garment used for both biomechanical and sensory processing purposes. The dual-layered garment has foam lining that touches the skin and Velcro-sensitive material on the outside in which the straps can be appropriately sculpted to fit your child’s needs. Theratogs provide a gentle, prolonged external support to the body in order to facilitate better joint alignment and functioning. It also provides deep pressure and proprioceptive input which may help your child to develop better body-in-space awareness. For more information visit